The use of this type of e-commerce in Australia

A report from Frost and Sullivan describe, A$12 Billion Australian e-commerce market is underdeveloped and lagging behind three years of US and UK market. Australian online retail sales in 2010 is expected of five per cent of retail sales but if we exclude the overseas sites than it’s dropped down to three percent while domestic online retail store of US and UK  both are over five per cent. The report also noted that the reason behind the online activity is because of the absence of large retail chain and department stores. (David B, 2010)

Senior research Manager Phil Harpur from Frost &Sullivan comments that the number of Australian shoppers uses international retail sites that clearly show that there is a big lag in Australian market and this will remain until big name retailers comes to online.

 A report from industry payment giant PayPal estimated that the Australian e-commerce market ended at high of $26.86 billion in 2010. One of the three top wishes of leading Australian eBay sellers was to improved postal services. Forty-one per cent of survey respondents said improved postal and delivery services would support the growth of online market in Australia. (Nina, 2011)

Retailers and logistics companies are working together on new program to improve delivery services for online retailers in within and outside of Australian. (Nina, 2011)

“E-business Report found that the proportion of small businesses with a website increased over the 12 months to July 2003 from 34 per cent to 36 per cent. Website penetration rates for medium-sized businesses were significantly higher and grew more strongly over the same period, from 71 per cent in 2002 to 82 per cent in 2003.”(, 2011)


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