Compare the difference between NZ and Australian examples

The future of e-commerce in New Zealand and Australia looks positive with considerable plans being made to increased activity and implementation in the state.

The Australian government has noted that the opportunity of e-commerce and significant growth in communication technology. Many company website including 22% respondents indicating they intend to implement website. (John D, 2006)

“According to the Ministry of Economic Development’s latest Economic Development Indicators 2005, New Zealand ranked a disappointing 14th out of 19 OECD members in terms of information and communications technology (ICT) investment as a proportion of non-residential gross fixed capital formation in 2002, much lower than neighbouring Australia, which was ranked sixth.”(Country forum, 2007)

Renaissance is a New Zealand based computer distribution company, handling technology products such as apple and Microsoft. Currently it does 30 per cent of its transactions on-line where it does about $1 million worth of business every week. Over 30 per cent of small and medium-sized businesses are ordering goods and services on-line.( Australia and New Zealand has mostly similar but for revenue, its comparatively smaller though the Australian market has exceeded A$45 billion in 2006 where New Zealand was only about NZ$1.5 billion.(Idris,2007)


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