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The New York Times is a news and media website; provide all sort of news information on internet. The website also has special apps software for the mobile device like iPhone and Android. The news paper organised in mainly three sections including the magazine.

  1. News: It includes International, National, Business, Technology, Science, Health and Sports. The  online paper also includes Metro section, Education, Weather
  2. Opinion: It includes Editorials, Op-Eds and letter to the Editor
  3. Features: it includes Arts, Movie, Travel, New York City Guide, Dining& Wine, Crossword


The Age website is a part of the Fairfax Digital network. Membership for Fairfax digital is free to use. The Fairfax has recently announced the digital print publication of The Age and other related newspaper for the ipad users; also they have special apps for the iPhone, Android and other mobile users as well. The digital version of the newspaper has key features that are listed as follows.

  1.  Search, Email prints and Bookmark pages and articles, Browse and facility for offline reading
  2. Flexibility for the user to access the paper in different view such as Article, portrait or landscape view.
  3. The digital subscription also has an option to translate the publication into different languages and able to listen the speech-enabled article.
  4. News: It includes International, National, Business, Technology, Science, Health sports, Job, Real Estate and holiday guidelines including rentals and accommodation.
  5. Provide links to other most viewed article of different news paper website.

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