Target Market/Readership


New York Times

The is a news and media website that covers the entire world news and emphasis the regional breaking news multimedia news and news of other part of the USA as well. The website provides information for adults and for the college students as well. The website also has a kids’ corner and the special section for woman to explore the beauty world. It also provide column for each section of the news topic with the attentive heading on the front page of the website. In sort I would say, the target audience for the nytimes websites are literate, educated people who are interested in current affairs of the region as well as world politics and the arts news. If you are accessing nytimes from outside USA and curious to know what has been written about the world news then you can switch to world news section where you will find the news of the entire world.

Screenshots of visit that get per day                              



 The Age

The is also a news and media website which covers the news of entire world as well as the different part of Australia. According to the siteanalytic website website has become more regional than world news website. The Age has latest local news on Melbourne, Victoria, business news and breaking stories of other parts of the Australia. The target audience for The Age is remains close to Australia region regardless of providing world news on the website. The company also publish different website in New Zealand and USA that can link back to the Age website. The website has a link to other news website publish under the same banner.

Screenshot of visit that get per day


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