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The New York Times is an American daily News Paper founded in 1851 and since then it has been continuously published in New York City. The news paper has won 106 Pulitzer prizes that most of any news organisation has won. The New York Times website is so popular in America that the organisation received more than 30 million visitors each month. It’s a third largest news paper after the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. New York times provide online reading facility to their regular users through metered paywall. But access remains free for the light users and also there are apps for the iPhone and Android devices. (“Wikipedia”)

Fairfax Media Limited is one of Australia’s largest, long-lasting media companies including newspapers, magazines, radios and digital media, in New Zealand and Australia. As of May 2008, the market capitalisation of Fairfax media was $5 Billion.  In New Zealand, Fairfax media runs a website called which includes newspaper, employment, shopping and job and personal. Fairfax media also operates their publication throughout US under the agriculture publication. (“Wikipedia”)


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